Article for mobility operators who take e-bike fleet security seriously

Jan 31, 2020Insights

Theft in e-bike sharing is a growing problem that is a serious barrier to spread out its adoption in cities. By adopting the most reliable anti theft system, e-bike fleet operators can save thousands of dollars!

Electronic motor locking systems are the emerging gold standard for e-bike theft prevention: electronic cable locks are not secure enough, and electronic frame locks are both insecure and dangerous for riders. The objective of this article is to address theft in e-bike fleets, by understanding its underlying motives and going through available theft deterrents. 

Content overview:

  • Introduction
  • e-Bike thief categories
  • Theft deterrent market offerings: electronic frame locks, electronic cable locks, eBikeSafe anti theft system
  • Addressing vandalism
  • Conclusion

About eBikeLabs:

At eBikeLabs, our mission is to accelerate the adoption of shared e-bikes in cities. Because we believe that e-bikes are the best solution to mobility demands – they are fast, for everyone, they are good for the environment and health.

To achieve our mission, we work with mobility operators and we help them create reliable, sustainable and profitable e-bike sharing fleets. At eBikeLabs we build the vehicle control unit that transforms affordable e-bikes into theft proof, low maintenance, and enjoyable fleet vehicles.