Powered by artificial intelligence

At eBikeLabs, we developed Artificial Intelligence and sensorless technology for urban electric bicycles. Our intellectual know-how and deep knowledge of the motor control result from half a decade of R&D led by a multidisciplinary team of PhDs in robotics, applied mathematics, physics, and electrical networks. All bike lovers.

eBikeLabs AI motor control software ebikes

Efficiency by the software

Designing an e-bike is a complex task, often demanding concessions. A designer’s creativity is regularly hampered by a limited choice of components, or by the need to restrict the number of parts in order to limit the e-bike’s production and maintenance costs. Another frustration: the available firmware is often disappointing, opaque, and doesn’t allow customization.

That is where our AI offers you solutions. Replacing hardware components by software releases your creativity, and makes it possible to design your electric bike dream, one that will be a real means of daily transportation, competing with the car in terms of comfort and reliability. Let us tell you how.

Our researchers figured out software intelligence could improve and even replace hardware parts – in short, do better with less. The controller holds precise information on the bike’s dynamics, and algorithms may infer the commands to replace mechanical sensors. For example, by measuring the amount of power the rider applies to the pedals,  through the controller, we can remove the mechanical gearbox and display and still provide perfect assistance. No more buttons or shifters! Riders can just hop on the bike and enjoy the ride. Nice, right?

eBikeLabs artificial intelligence motor control software electric bicycles

Our smart solution

We put together the perfect team of experts for this job. With eBikeOS, we created an AI capable of computing the controller information (often without the corresponding sensors), of interpreting it and restoring the appropriate control commands. We designed it as an edge device, embedded in the controller. It needs minimal data and requires little energy. Of course, we made it real-time to react instantaneously to the rider’s shifting needs.

And last but not least, we made eBikeOS upgradeable, to guarantee the e-bike’s sustainability.

By improving or replacing physical components of the e-bike (mechanical, electrical), our artificial intelligence increases the e-bike’s capacities and frees your creativity, while eliminating replaced hardware malfunctions. And it can evolve to answer your requirements.

eBikeLabs artificial intelligence motor control software electric bicycles

Create tomorrow’s e-bike now

Beyond an effective AI, we created an innovative and evolutive platform with tools to allow you to customize your ride feeling in a fully autonomous environment. So that you can define your own parameters for your unique ride feeling and bring more added values to your riders. The platform continuously delivers breakthrough improvements by making your e-bikes more capable over time. 

Patented software technology

eBikeLabs is a deep-tech company, its innovation stemming from research and development. As such, we take intellectual property seriously. To protect our inventions we have already filed for 6 patents that cover eBikeOS‘s different aspects. Our patented technology is unique because we’re able to create an intuitive ride feeling without the need of extra devices or sensors.  

eBikeLabs patents AI motor control software